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Piranha Expert Advisor EA  

Take lots of profit bites with this expert advisor.

Piranha sets a buystop and a sellstop at the beginning of each candle. You set the distance from the open price of the candle. Scalp your way to profitability with low time frames or wait for major breakout on higher time frames. Awesome!



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For Scalping& Day Trading   Amazing!!
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It's Like Creating your own Custom Expert Advisor without any programming with Max1

Create a forex trading strategy that has to do with Moving Averages crossing. Max1 is packed full of settings for you to find a trading strategy to produce results.

Features: Max1 will place a buy or sell  order x number of pips (you set the amount) after two moving averages  cross (you set the type of moving averages). It also has the option to close orders when the MA's cross in the opposite direction.  You can also set trade times and close times.



Max1 has every setting you could possibly need:

  MagicNumber Set to a unique number so Max1 will not interfere with other EA's or manual trades
  Slippage For fast moving markets. Price can slip up to this number of pips and still open a position
  FastMAPeriod Set the Fast MA Period
  FastMAType 0:SMA 1:EMA 2:SMMA 3:LWMA
  FastMAPrice 0:Close 1:Open 2:High 3:Low 4:Median 5:Typical 6:Weighted
  FastMAshift Set the Fast MA Shift
  SlowMAPeriod Set the Slow MA Period
  SlowMAType 0:SMA 1:EMA 2:SMMA 3:LWMA
  SlowMAPrice 0:Close 1:Open 2:High 3:Low 4:Median 5:Typical 6:Weighted
  SlowMAPipPad The amount of pips difference required between the MAs before the trade is entered
  SlowMAshift Set the Slow MA Shift
  OneEntryPerBar Set to true for EA to enter only one position per bar period
  EnterOnBarClose Set to false, the position will open when the EA cross, plus the pippad.
  MACrossClosePosition Set this to true to close position using the MA Cross in the opposite direction
  CloseOrderPipPad The amount of pips difference required between the MAs before the trade is closed
  Lots Enter number of lots to trade
  Initial_StopLoss Enter Stop Loss
  Initial_TakeProfit Enter Take Profit
  ModifyAfterPipProfit When this amount in profit is reached Order SL and TP will be modified;  0 to disable
  ModifySL The pip distance of SL in relation to Order Open Price
  ModifyTP The pip distance of TP in relation to Order Open Price
  InitialTS Set the Trailing Stop
  ModifyTSAfterPipProfit When this amount in profit is reached the Trailing Stop will be modified; 0 to disable
  ModifyTS Modify Trailing stop to
  UseTradeTime Set to true if you want to limit the opening of positions to a set time period
  TradeTimeStart Broker time
  TradeTimeEnd Broker time
  TimeClose Set to true, if you want the open position to close at a certain time
  CloseTime Broker Time

Max1 can be run on any currency pair and on any timeframe.You also have the option to have the stop loss, take profit and trailing stop modified after Max1 reaches a certain profit level.
Financial Resource Group is currently testing several strategies with Max1. We are not currently recommending any currency or strategy. 


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